My schedule is all out of whack today– up at 5, at the office at 6, leaving for the dentist at 2:30. Does any of that sound fun at all? (At least I’m done for the day after the dentist, and it’s just a cleaning.) I’ve been running entirely on coffee (a cup, a travel mug, and a thermos-full) though for breakfast I also had some dark chocolate with cocoa nibs that friends brought back from Max Brenners in Vegas. (That’s almost food, right?)

I thought about ditching my workout, because, well, ugh. But I found a compromise with myself: just go treadmill for a while, nothing fancy. (Facing hills outside seemed especially discouraging.) That was just right– I wound up running at not-quite-tempo effort and got a nice workout in, 2.8 miles in 35 minutes.

Sometimes a little slack is the perfect amount.

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