Lovely park run

Today is a Perfect Fall Day. I went outside this morning and said, "Hey, why don’t I go down to the park and run? It’s been a while." Oh, it was nice. Perfect temperature, quiet, and the part-rocky, part-squishy trail through the woods is a much nicer surface to run on than sidewalks or treadmills.

I ran the mile down to the park, and once I got there I ran to the end of the first trail– then crossed the road and ran up onto the Ridge Trail (so named because it goes up a big hill and onto the ridge above the creekbed). I forgot how killer that trail was! It’s super steep. I wound up walking most of the way up to the ridge, then turning around and running down (carefully– scrabbly rocks!)

Now I am sniffly (thanks leaf litter allergies) but in a good mood. I took off my headphones and just enjoyed the sound of my breath, the wind in the trees, birds, and the occasional excited dog. I can tell when I’m getting to the end of the trail by hearing cars again…

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1 Response to Lovely park run

  1. There is nothing like a good run to put you in a great mood :)

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