Last-minute fidget relief

Short blog post today– I’m in a little hurry! I have guests coming over tonight for dinner and board games, so today and yesterday have been a flurry of cleaning and baking and cooking. (My partner’s doing the bulk of today’s last-minute cooking, bless him.)

Around 2:00, I’d finished the things I wanted to do. My guests aren’t arriving until 5, and by 2:30 I was pacing the floor. I decided to channel that antsy energy and headed out for a quick run– 2.2mi in 27 minutes.

Every time I wanted to stop for a walk break, I reminded myself of all the fidgets I needed to get rid of, and ran harder.

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2 Responses to Last-minute fidget relief

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Thank goodness for guests; that’s the only way the house ever gets cleaned.

    • G says:

      For serious! Most of the house looks as good as it’s ever looked. Except for the spare bedroom, where we put all the stuff from everywhere else. :)

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