Other people’s adventures with doctors

Easy peasy 30 minute run today through the neighborhood. I was hoping to get to 25 miles this month, but alas, my total is only 22.5 miles. It’s okay– I started off slow this month, but I finished strong.

So my partner has been having some pretty debilitating abdominal/stomach issues, and he’s been to the doctor a couple times about it. The doctor ordered an ultrasound, which found nothing related to the actual pain*, but it turns out he has a liver issue common among people of his ancestry. The doctor ordered him to cut back on caffeine, watch his diet and think about losing weight. For what it’s worth, we eat pretty healthfully most of the time so he’s planning to eat a little less, eat more vegetables, and drink less soda (which seems reasonable to me).

My experience at the doctor as a fat person always includes the Vague Future Health Threat; the doctor says "You may be healthy now, but if you don’t lose weight…" I shrug it off, because my health is fine according to every measure. However, my partner is a person of near-average size who actually has a health issue that needs to be dealt with, so I’ll support him however he wants to do that.

* Yeah, this is the caveat though: if the doctor doesn’t do anything else to figure out what the real problem is, I am going to be very angry. And if the doctor suggests exercise for weight loss, well… my partner used to exercise regularly before this stomach thing happened and now he can’t because it makes him nauseous. So.

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2 Responses to Other people’s adventures with doctors

  1. Umm 22.5 miles is AWESOME! Congrats to you! :)

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    You can’t freaken win when it comes to health and weight loss. My doctor is pretty good, but he constantly “recommends” weight loss to me. I need to have a serious talk with him, something along the lines of “DUDE. I have spent the past 15 years on various controlled eating plans (i.e., “diets”) and vigorous workout schedules. If that was going to make me lose weight, it would have already happened.” It’s like he thinks it’s completely under my control and I’m CHOOSING to be fat. Oh, if only it was that simple…

    At any rate, I hope your partner is able to manage his condition, with or w/o weight loss. Of course, males seem to drop weight rather effortlessly in comparison, so he might very well be able to do it! My husband loses weight simply by cutting out third servings of meals…

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