Productivity anxiety

Today’s workout was a simple one: yoga aimed at stretching out the backs of my legs. My legs are very tight and my plantar fasciitis is flaring up again– definitely not a good thing. I blame it on the hiking in unsupportive shoes. Luckily, I got myself a pair of proper hiking boots, so at least I won’t repeat that mess! (Now, for new running shoes. I called around and no one had my size, so I must summon them from the internets.)

Oh, and I’ve sprinkled in some push-ups (on the floor, I can do 4! Yay!) and I’ve been using the grip trainer thing. All my callus is wearing off my hands so I’ll tear my palms anew when I resume lifting…

I’m in week 2 of not working and it’s really starting to get to me. I feel isolated at home all day– I have good friendly relationships with my coworkers so I’m missing out on casual socializing.

I’m also fighting a set of competing pressures– half of me wants to use the down time to be productive, and half wants to play video games and watch movies and relax. I don’t usually have down time! I’m causing myself so much stress by not deciding to let myself slack or not.

My parents are coming here to visit this weekend, so I have pressure to clean but it won’t stay clean until Saturday if I do it now! But I’m finding little projects– baking up some apple crisp, studying Japanese to prepare for my trip next year, and maybe even organizing the office (which looks like a tornado went through it).

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