Aimless lifting

Hooray– back to work today, and the gym was open too! J and I went back to lift like we hadn’t missed a day.

I didn’t have any kind of plan, though, and I didn’t want to start Stage 2 of NRoL4W on a Thursday (I’m saving that for next Tuesday). Well, I hadn’t lifted in 2 weeks– anything would work! I started with trying out one of the exercises in Stage 2, a front squat to overhead press. I hate front squats; I always want to fall forward at the bottom. They’re awkward. I tried it with 20lb on the bar, then just the bar, then 2 15lb dumbbells. They were all terrible. Stupid inflexible ankles. (For the record, I can back squat like 125lb now? Feels like a big setback.)

I sprinkled in a couple sets of pushups, and some lunges. I finished up with some farmers’ walk– 2 30lb kettlebells, then 2 40lb dumbbells, then 2 45lb plates (with handy holes for carrying!) Dumbbells were the best– the round, fat grip worked my hands. I looked silly wandering all over the gym toting heavy objects but it was definitely good for me. Holding them away from my body was tough. Must work on this.

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