I thought leg soreness would kill my run today, but I got out there and managed 2.7 miles in 35 minutes. Somehow it was windy and chilly when I started but sunny and warm when I finished… luckily I wore a shirt under my pullover. I can tell it’s properly fall now– not from the weather, but from the way I finish up runs outdoors with sneezing and runny nose. Stupid allergies.

My last run ticked over a milestone on the Nike+ thingumbobber: 800 miles! That’s a lot of miles. It’s taken me a while to get there, of course, but it’s fun to think about where I could go with all those miles…

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2 Responses to Milestones

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    800 miles! That’s quite an accomplishment. It’s too bad you don’t get mileage points like with an airline :-)

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