Stage 2, START!

Last night I checked the book to see what I’d be doing in Stage 2– it’s a greater number of exercises than Stage 1. Serves me right, I guess. Anyway, it started out with 2 sets of 10 of everything: front squat to push press, step-ups, dumbbell 1-point rows*, static lunges, pushups, planks** and cable wood chops. The ones I’d done before I picked up where I left off, and the rest I left easy-ish.

* These ones involve standing on one leg with my body in a T shape doing rows. I fell over. A lot.

** These ones were 60 seconds. Why were they so hard? They were really hard.

I wrapped it up with a mile on the treadmill in my new shoes (I like them) and stretching. I’m glad to be back to my old routine again.

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