“Mr. Hall, I was surfing the crimson wave”

Day 1 of period + still-flaring PF and I decided it was a good idea not to run today and instead do a kinder, gentler, less-bouncy workout.  Yoga fit the bill– plus it had the added benefit of lovely things like abdominal compression and twisting to help ease some of the cramps.

It turned out to be a nice way to spend 45 minutes; I feel much improved.  Backbends were unusually good, I pigeon’d carefully with a rolled blanket under my butt, got some squat pose in for my ankles and feet, and I practiced the long plank and cobra holds that kicked my butt in my lifting workout.  It’s interesting how the strength gains I’m making elsewhere translate to certain poses being easier.

Even shavasana was extra nice– despite the washing machine running and my partner loudly playing Pokemon on the couch a couple yards away, I settled in easily for a rest after I was done.

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