Stay back, I bite

I am in a terrible mood today. Lifting helped a little, maybe, but I still feel like I should hang a "Stay Back! I Bite!" sign around my neck.

Stage 2 A2, and it was kind of a mess. The only exercises I bumped up the resistance on were the front squat/push press (added 5lb, to 50lb) and the cable chop (up to 35lb). That was the good news. The bad news is that my hip is very unhappy doing more lunges; I tried a few reps and then had to bail. Whatever’s unhappy is buried deep in the joint– even a foam roller had a hard time getting at it. I have a hard time stretching it in a normal crescent lunge, but anything with my back foot elevated instantly sets it off.

I finished the workout by grabbing a couple 45lb dumbbells and taking a stroll around the gym. And by "stroll", I mean "hobbling with increasing velocity as my hands get tired". It’s not part of the regimen, but it should help later when I get back to proper deadlifts.

To top it all off, once I got back to desk one of the admin folks asked me to carry a ~50lb tall-as-me bundle of flattened boxes to the other side of the building. Because I needed more lifting.

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