Boo, rain

Easy, solid 30-minute recovery run today: 2.4 miles. Since it was raining, I confined myself to the treadmill. At least Colbert was on? (Naturally the sun came out after I was done. Grumble.)
I am extra sore today– not just from yesterday’s lifting, but also due to the fact that I got my flu shot for the year too. The immune response is better today. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) not getting the flu– last winter my partner came down with it and I was spared, despite nursing him back to health.

Am I going to have to buy new underwear just for running in? Don’t know what’s going on with my body but lately I’ve had chafing on my lower belly area and that’s just not fun at all. I guess my normal cotton ones aren’t going to cut it. Any suggestions?

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