There is probably a market for gym tees that say “GO AWAY”

B2 today! It went a lot better today than it did the first time, and I was able to do all my sets without pulling any muscles or hurting anything (always a good thing). I even managed to bump the Bulgarian split squats from bodyweight to 8lb each hand, and there was only a little falling over.

I had an issue today with an ambiguous creep. Aren’t those the worst, when you’re not sure if you’re being properly creeped on but it feels icky after you’ve thought about it? I was doing deadlifts on a box, and this rather chatty man who’s often at the gym when I am came by and started complimenting me on my "transformation", then asked me about the "status" of J and I (uhh he’s my coworker and gym buddy?) and then then said J had "stars in his eyes" looking at me and then said he "takes one to know one" and all the while I’m, you know, hoisting big weights around and grunting in reply and not really paying much attention while he goes on. Anyway, this guy is always there, plus I run into him on the train most days (and he always wants to chat then too). Ugh.

I usually try to be nice to everyone at the gym, but if this is where it gets me I’m going to buy workout tees with "GO AWAY" and walk around with a scowl.

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3 Responses to There is probably a market for gym tees that say “GO AWAY”

  1. Tori says:

    Teachers would buy these, too.

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