Cruddy mood, decent run

Today I was scheduled to do the 15 minutes of intervals from yesterday’s lifting workout, then a little more running, about 33 minutes total minus the resting bit (2.6 miles overall). It worked out well, though I think I need to start pushing the intervals faster– they’re too easy. The regimen states that after running the intervals I’m supposed to do nothing for 5 minutes, then do the rest of my endurance exercise to “jump start fat loss” or some bullshit. (The biochemical justification they gave was pretty shaky.) I just walked for a few minutes, then got back to it.

I’m missing longer runs. I’m missing running outside, too (go away, rain!) Maybe this weekend I can get a nice long run in outside and enjoy the nice fall weather. Of course, this hinges on my quads being less torn up, too… it truly is difficult to lift and run at the same time.

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2 Responses to Cruddy mood, decent run

  1. nancy s says:

    So glad to have found your blog. I recently had a procedure on my back and am pain and narcotic free for the first time in about 5 years, Feeling like I got a really beautiful present handed to me. My daughter said to me I really hope your back gets better so we can go on that family hiking trip…seems there is no time like the present. Your blog is inspiring and helpful. Thanks!

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