Running weather

I was worried today as I headed out for my run– it was just 45º out and breezy. Sounds cold, right?  But I put on a pair of long pants, a shirt and a pullover and after a couple minutes it was perfect.  It’s nice not to be hot when I’m running! I made decent time tackling a route with some killer hills: 2.8 miles in 36 minutes.

Over the weekend, my friends talked my partner and me into going camping with them on the coast on Thanksgiving weekend. I really like camping, but it’s been years and years since the last time I went. I’m not sure if staying on a barrier island at the end of November is the best way to ease back in either!  Since we have no gear to speak of, we had to spend an embarrassing amount of time and money at REI on Sunday (go, go dividends?) I’m really looking forward to the trip, though, and hopefully we won’t turn into icicles.

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2 Responses to Running weather

  1. I Struggle when the weather gets cold — I’m such a cold weather wuss! Mid 40’s is my low point probably…I’ve got lower but I’m miserable!

    • G says:

      I really think the best way to deal with the cold is a good set of gear! A warm but breathable jacket, long running tights, and good wool socks make it bearable for me. One of my favorite magical experiences is running when it’s snowing! But I grew up in a cold place, so it’s natural for me to layer up and head out.

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