Hard then easy

I woke up this morning sore as heck, which is becoming annoyingly typical. I didn’t want a super-hard workout today because I don’t need to be even sorer tomorrow, but long, steady-state exercise didn’t sound appealing at all. So I came to something of a compromise with myself: I would start off with a short but very intense activity, then do steady-state for the rest.

For the first, I decided to test just how quickly I could run a mile on the treadmill. The answer to that turned out to be 10:30– I was aiming for 10:00 but after 5 minutes I had to slow a little and recover from some annoying stitches. Now I have a pace to work toward for my longer runs; I’m hoping to make some speed gains when I start training running again. (It bothers me that I can hold a fast pace easier on the treadmill than on the ground– I have a hard time pushing myself hard without that external push. I tend to get lazy and slow down if I’m determining my own speed.)

For the second part I hopped on the elliptical and went along at a completely non-challenging rate while watching Let’s Make a Deal. 20 minutes of that was plenty… Wayne Brady is awesome but I was ready to keel over from boredom. However, I’m hoping it keeps me from being more sore tomorrow when I tackle lifting again.

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1 Response to Hard then easy

  1. I also find it hard to push speed on the ground, especially for long distance! I run quicker overall, natural pace outdoors, but I struggle to do speed work outside!

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