Gutting it out: Goodbye, Stage 2 Workout B

I really, really just wanted to finish Stage 2 today. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday (have I mentioned that I’m recovering from food poisoning? so fun) but today I’m back at the office so I dragged myself there and did the darn workout. It was weird; before I started I didn’t feel very good, but once I started lifting I felt a little better. (I will probably feel worse later– so it goes.)

Anyway, I managed to do the entire thing! Even the intervals at the end (although I thought I was going to die). And I bumped some weights and in general it all went pretty well. Still, I’m glad Stage 2 is done. Hopefully the workouts in Stage 3 will be a little shorter.

Stage 2 Workout B progress

Wide-grip deadlift from box
Starting load: 75lb
Ending load: 115lb

Bulgarian Split Squat:
Starting load: Bodyweight
Ending load: 30lb

Underhand lat pulldown
Starting load: 35lb
Ending load: 42.5lb

Reverse lunge from box with forward reach
Starting load: 10lb
Ending load: 25lb

Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch
Starting load: 15lb
Ending load: 20lb

Swiss ball crunch
Starting load: 30lb
Ending load: 35lb

Reverse crunch, lateral flexion (bodyweight)
Prone Cobra – 60 seconds (got easier)

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