Stage 3 Workout A1: the Leg Destroyer

Back to NRoL4W after my rest week (which was very nice). This week I started Stage 3, which is another Big Pile of Stuff workout– there’s squats 4 ways in there (the one-armed dumbbell snatch (starts with a squat), dumbbell single-arm overhead squat, and bodyweight squats and squat jumps). The single-leg Romanian deadlifts did something ridiculous to my hamstrings, and between all the squats and the lunges my quads are beyond shaky. I am fully expecting not to be able to walk this afternoon and tomorrow.

The last element of Workout A is a "bodyweight matrix": 24 squats, 24 lunges, 24 lunge jumps, 24 squat jumps, done with bodyweight and timed. Maybe someone, somewhere finds this sequence reasonable, but at the end of it I’m at just about my absolute limit. And I didn’t even do the lunge jumps– _lunge jumps_? are you kidding? I don’t understand why I have such a hard time with lunges. Anyway, it sucked and I hope it gets better because I don’t want to dread the next 3 weeks.

I brought a big scoop of protein powder with me to work, hoping desperately that drinking it after my workout would help me recover and be less sore. I bought a bottle of pineapple juice and dumped the powder in and shook it all up. Since it’s hemp powder, the whole thing turned an unappetizing shade of green and, well, it didn’t taste great either. I choked down half of it and am saving the other half for this afternoon. Hopefully it keeps in the fridge.

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