Better than expected?

Today was my first session of Stage 3 Workout B, and overall I’d say it wasn’t so bad. The Romanian deadlift-bentover row was a challenge at 75lb, and the YTWLs were killer (I had to drop the weights from 10lb to 8lb for the last set to keep good form– such a long set!) but bodyweight single-leg squats and lat pulls and back extensions and core work, that I can handle.

My upper legs– hamstrings, glutes, quads– are still pretty destroyed from Monday, but they loosened up as I moved. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do the running intervals at the end of the workout, but it turned out to be fine. Of course, I expect my legs to seize back up once I cool down, so I will probably be hobbling this afternoon. (Preemptive ibuprofen.)

I’m taking back what I said about NRoL4W being "efficient". It was efficient when I was done in 35 minutes. These last 2 stages have taken me an hour or more to complete– today’s workout, including the intervals, took me 1:15 to do, and that was skipping all the prescribed rest breaks. It’s getting a little ridiculous, and I don’t like being away from my desk for so long (tack on getting dressed and showering and it’s 1:30+, definitely enough to give my boss cause for concern.)

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