In search of recovery

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the US!  While I’m enjoying the quiet day and preparing to go feast with my partner’s family, I found that I was antsy and irritable today for no particular reason.  My usual reaction to that feeling is “go run!” but today I stopped myself– I’m too sore and I need to take a day and recover.  I did my favorite yoga practice and that helped me focus and eliminate some fidgets and opened up some of the sore places. I feel a little better.

I find that I often lock myself into rigid goals when it’s not helpful.  For example, this month I’ve run about 20.5 miles so far, and I decided that I would shoot for a nice round 25 miles.  However, since I started Stage 3 I’ve been so sore, and I find myself with 3 days left in the month and holiday plans and travel and the remaining 4.5 miles are becoming a source of stress for me.  (Maybe I can go out for a trail run when I’m camping? Then come back and freeze? Sounds fun…)

I also adopted my partner’s poor unloved Nike Fuelband 2 days ago– I figured since I was already using the platform and he wasn’t using the band anymore I’d give it a try.  Yesterday I blew my modest activity goal out of the water (lifting and running will do that) but today I doubt I’ll get there, since I’m mostly hanging out around the house.  I might go for a walk later, but honestly I don’t want to do a lot of activity today– I need to let my body rest and get strong again– and I don’t feel like the stupid Fuelband gets that.

I keep telling myself to relax but I’ve got cues from my body and self-imposed arbitrary goals to hit and external devices telling me I ought to go do something and no wonder I feel all fidgety, I need to stop pushing and just rest…

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