Cold stories and healthish people

Since I had some down time today and the weather is reasonable (42ºF or so) I decided that I’d go for a nice long run today and do some yoga tomorrow in preparation for more Stage 3. I ran 3.1 miles in 42 minutes on the hilly route; a nice slow and steady run (though I did take one walking break, at about halfway– two big, long hills in a row and I said ‘oh heck no’ and walked up the second). My lungs haven’t adjusted to the chill and breathing was a challenge. I hate wheezing!

I spent Friday night camping in a national park about 3 hours from here with a couple friends.  I was excited to spend some time outdoors and try out our new camping gear. The time spent outside around the fire was okay, but overnight it went down to 20ºF and my 30ºF sleeping bag, sleeping pad and lightweight tent weren’t enough to let me get warm enough to sleep so I laid awake miserable and shivering all night. In the morning the tent was coated with a thick layer of frost inside and out. I think I’ll stick to warm weather camping from now on.

Do you ever find that sometimes things that drive you crazy about other people work like a mirror, that you can look deeper at them and see things about yourself that bother you? We camped with my coworker and his girlfriend. They’re really nice people, but she’s super healthish– very vocal paleo-dieting, triathlon-running, run 10 miles in the morning and go for a hike in the evening, sugar-is-the-devil kind of person.  Hanging out with her I feel a hint of desperation in her and pity for me; if she’s not active enough she jokes that she’ll get fat, and there are always comments about my food (never directly, but “oh, I don’t eat that” if it’s offered).  I feel sort of implicitly judged around her. But I feel bad; maybe she’s not really being judgey and I’m reacting to the fact that she’s just different than me, that she’s doing fitness “right”– which isn’t a bad thing? Anyway, I’m sort of conflicted about it.

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7 Responses to Cold stories and healthish people

  1. playfulpups says:

    You are a brave soul to camp in such cold temps!!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I say go with your instincts about the healthish girl. IMO, when you feel that way around someone, there’s a reason.
    I like cool-weather camping myself. Around here, summer is WAY too hot for sleeping without air conditioning and WAY too bug-infested. But cool is different from cold :-) I’m only good to about 40°F :-)

    • G says:

      But she really does seem like a nice person! We just have sort of opposed views on life, I guess.

      Yep, one benefit of the cold was no bugs to speak of! The only pest we had was a horse nosing through our camp in the middle of the night :)

  3. lozette says:

    I don’t think there’s a one “right” way to be healthy. In fact it doesn’t sound like she’s very happy eating the way she does – and mental health is part of health, so if you’re unhappy with your food restrictions, IMHO that’s not “healthy”.

    But… if it works for her, then all power to her. But it doesn’t mean she’s doing it right for everyone :-)

    • G says:

      From my point of view it seems kind of disordered to be that strict about what to eat, but I suppose someone might look at me and the freedom I give myself around food and see disorder there too. She could be perfectly happy, and regardless I’m not going to be able to convince her any differently. It just weirds me out.

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