First do no harm?

Today I stuck to my plan and took a nice walk, followed by some yoga.  The yoga was especially useful today: I focused on some twists for my back and neck, and followed it up with some work down my back and glutes and the backs of my legs. (My calves are sore. I blame the hills.)  Hopefully I’m all charged up and ready to lift tomorrow!

I found out recently that my family member is going to go ahead with bariatric surgery. I’ve written about this in the past ( )– she’s in her late 60s and has had poor health for as long as I can remember. She’s tried just about everything under the sun to lose weight– diets, pills, even having her jaw wired shut and drinking meals through a straw.  But now her mobility is poor and she has a laundry list of ailments that no doctor can seem to help, and surgery must seem like a silver bullet, a miracle fix. She’s very excited about it.

I hope it helps more than it hurts. I can’t imagine that damaging a working system on a sick person would do anything good, but hey, the doctors know what they’re doing, right?

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