B2, in a hurry

I’ve come to the conclusion that for Stage 3, Workout B isn’t as bad as Workout A. It’s long, but it’s not as grueling. I bumped a couple weights up today (lat pulldowns, back extensions) but I wound up having to hurry the intervals at the end, dropping the recovery from 2 minutes to 1 (1-1 intervals are HARD!). I barely made it to my meeting on time, despite leaving for the gym 20 minutes early today.

I’m trying to up my makeup game a little bit now that it’s winter, adding eyeliner and brows to my normal powder-and-mascara routine. Today I tried to do all of that while wobbly and hurrying, and the results are not really very good. Luckily it doesn’t take too long for eyeliner to smudge and become forgiving of mistakes…

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