Cabin fever

The weather has been so poopy lately! Rain, ice and now a couple inches of snow. I like winter, but it sure doesn’t make it easy to get outside and do all the activities I like.

Yesterday was my telework day and today my office was closed (thanks to that dusting of snow) so I really haven’t been doing anything workout-wise. I was hoping to lift today, but that’s a no-go– the gym is at work and I’m not there.  (I’ll try to do some of the bodyweight stuff later today.) I was going a little crazy being stuck in the house, so I put on my old running shoes and my winter gear and headed out to try to run on the snowy sidewalks.

Honestly it wasn’t bad at all! I was worried about slipping or turning my ankle but it was fine. I walked a little where it was slick but mostly the sidewalks were clear.  (Shoveled/salted was ok; unshoveled was ok; slushy/half-shoveled/refrozen was not ok.)  In 35 minutes I covered just under 3 miles– actually a pretty good pace! The cold must’ve helped me run fast.  I burned off the fidgets and feel much better.

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1 Response to Cabin fever

  1. Iryna says:

    I’ve been running in the snow and cold too, and you’re right, it isn’t as bad as you’d think! I love the quiet of the snow, and the cold is even invigorating!

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