Get on the floor like it’s your last chance…

I’m proud of myself– I made it through next-day B3! It took some extra effort in places to motivate myself, but the end result was worth it I think. Now I have until Monday to relax and rest and maybe even go for a swim in the ocean.

The intervals at the end were a breeze– so breeze, in fact, that I ran 3 of them at 10:00 pace and the last 2 at 9:00. Fan-Turning-Off-Man wasn’t there, so I had the fan pointed right at me; I think that helped quite a bit. I was lucky and had Nicki Minaj hit my shuffle too! Singing along on the treadmill is glorious.

I think next time I do Workout A I’m going to change the dumbbell incline press to barbell– just because it is really weird to unrack the weights from the floor when I’m on an inclined bench. Getting them off the floor to waist-level tweaks my back when I’m in that awkward seated position, then I have to clean them up to the receiving position, then press. I understand that they want to have the instability of the dumbbells to work the little muscles around the shoulders, but I’m avoiding bumping up the weight because it’s so unwieldy.

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