I need a break…

Against my better judgement, I headed to the gym today to do an "easy" "recovery" 30 minute run on the treadmill. Can you guess from the scare quotes how that went? Anyway, I dragged my sore butt 2 miles and some, then spent some quality time with the foam roller and called it a day.

I haven’t really had a whole lot of down time lately. I spent last weekend driving and moving a friend into her new apartment in Florida (which is 2 days of driving from here). Said friend swore that since I helped drive I didn’t have to help move, but the turnout to help was kind of light and you know I was going to pitch in. I wouldn’t have gotten away with doing nothing anyway; my friend told her friends (two strapping young men) as we unloaded the truck that I lift heavy things for fun. I replied, "Don’t tell them that! They’ll make me move the big things!"

Speaking of moving, I’ve also been moving at work. Who packed all these big boxes full of file folders? They weigh a ton! Yeah… that was me. Oops. Anyway, I’m sore and covered with bruises and looking forward to vacation next week. Just have to close out B4 tomorrow…

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