Gotta go!

It’s sunny and an unseasonably warm 67ºF, and it’s the last day before I sit in the car for hours and hours on my way for my Christmas visit to my parents– I just had to get out for a run.  I did the long loop along the main drag in town and ran 3.2 miles in 41 minutes. Since it was along the main drag there were places I walked to be safe by driveways/parking lots, but it was also satisfying to run along faster than the cars stuck in traffic heading to the mall.  I have just 6 miles left to go to make my goal of 25 miles for December!

I think all this lifting is changing my running– my legs feel different.  I’m not at the same cardio fitness as when I was training for running a lot, so I get winded more easily, but my legs are stronger and getting up hills isn’t such a miserable thing. (It’s still kind of miserable, though.)  I have a bit more kick when I want it, and my natural pace might be a little faster– though that doesn’t do me much good if my lungs can’t keep up.  I suppose it’ll all get sorted come spring when I start training for my annual keeping-me-honest 5k.

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