Running, kettlebells, and stinky gym clothes

I think it’s safe to say I got my share of exercise today. I started out by going at my normal time in the morning, and ran 2 miles on the treadmill at tempo pace and then did some nice stretching. (My lower back is hurting again. Ick.)

I usually have a meeting Thursday afternoons, but it was cancelled today. I’d glanced at the month’s gym class schedule and saw that there was a kettlebell class at the time my meeting normally is ("The ultimate challenge!"). It looked intriguing and since I’m not lifting this week I could chance mega-soreness, but I was a little worried since it was 100% new and I’m not so good at classes and the schedule said it was for "intermediate to advanced" fitness levels. But I figured, what could they throw at me that I couldn’t handle?

The class turned out to be pretty fun! I wasn’t sure what weight kettlebells to grab, but the instructor, one of the gym staffers who sees me all the time, recommended 10/20lb. There were some places where I probably could’ve done more, but the intervals were long enough that it wore me out anyway. Half of the exercises I would call ‘pretty easy’ and the other half were ‘brutal’, but I kept up with the class fine. Maybe I can go back another day when my meeting gets cancelled.

However, I didn’t bring a second set of gym clothes. My shirt and pants were just damp and fairly inoffensive, but my sports bra has a case of the permafunk, which had escalated to epic levels after being sweated through in the morning. Sorry, classmates. Next time I will plan ahead. Normally I wouldn’t care too much, but the class was full of like ~gym ladies~ in expensive yoga pants and I imagined I could feel their condescension.

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