Grumpy pants

The weather finally turned nice today– it feels like it’s been a week of rain– so I figured I ought to go out for a longer run. But I’ve been awfully cranky lately and my partner endured a good 10 minutes of whining before I managed to get a move on. (“I don’t wanna goooooo…”)

I spent the first part of the run fighting with my phone– I asked the Nike app not to play music because I was having Zombies, Run! do the sound business but it kept trying to play music too. Eventually I got it sorted but, since it’s hard to fiddle with one’s phone while running along, I got off to a slow start. I was vindicated in the last mile or so of my 5k run, though: I went exploring and it turned out the last bit was all downhill. (Makes sense, since so much of the route was uphill.) Muahaha! Vroom!

So yeah, 5k in 41 minutes. It works. And I’m a little less grumpy now.

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One Response to Grumpy pants

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Glad I’m not the only grumpy pants today. Run helped me too. Must be a Sunday thing!

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