Workout of will

Didn’t I say yesterday that I wanted to "hit A2 hard"? Yeah, I hit it hard. Like a brick wall. And I bounced off. Today’s workout was one of the toughest I’ve had in a while. I don’t know if it was my uncooperative uterus, or the weather, or lack of oxygen in the weight room, but I had to battle– ever so slowly– through my lifts.

On the other hand, sometimes exercising my will to go on is a good thing. The mental game is just as important as the physical– and the ability to dig deep and gut it out when things get tough is not so easy to train.

At least the slowness gave me time to focus on my form a little bit. Maybe I’ve finally figured out the fundamental differences between the static lunge with back foot raised and the Bulgarian split squat? (I’m pretty sure they do mostly the same thing, though.)

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2 Responses to Workout of will

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    “My uncooperative uterus.” A good name for a band.

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