Pain in the …

My legs felt pretty good today, so I headed to the gym for some recovery running on the treadmill. I plodded along for a mile, then got bored and decided to turn the incline way up for a half a mile. That pretty much did me in; after that I put the incline back down and struggled through the last mile. You wouldn’t think that running up a treadmill hill would be so hard…

I’m still dealing with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. It’s never gone away (and I suspect it never will) but it waxes and wanes based on how much I’m running. Right now it’s not bad; it’s a little stiff in the morning and if I give it a good stretch (downward dog is an excellent stretch, but I feel it after my muscles cool down again). I’m trying to at least help make it feel better with periodic applications of tennis ball and properly supportive shoes and ibuprofen, and working on keeping the backs of my legs stretched out.

I think I’ve forgotten what feeling neutral in my body is like. Something’s always sore, usually intentionally but sometimes from overuse or injury. It’s just part of being active and pushing my limits, but it’s literally a pain.

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6 Responses to Pain in the …

  1. Tim says:

    Have you tried the strausberg sock for your plantar fasciitis? I had it in 2010 to the point where I could hardly walk. After being fitted for a good paid of running shoes it was about 85% better. The sock (available at fixed the problem over about 3 months and I’ve never had a problem since.

    With that said, the idea of a recovery run is a crazy thought to me right now! I hope I can get to your level someday!

  2. lozette says:

    I feel the same about achyness – I ache pretty much every day now. I’m not sure if it’s just what happens when you work out a lot, or if I’m not stretching enough (I know I’m not!) or if I’m just getting old!!

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