Finding balance

As expected, my everything is sore today, particularly my "posterior chain"– low back, glutes, hamstrings. Yep, I bumped deadlifts yesterday! So I wanted to change it up, and yoga seemed perfect.

It was hard, though, because my arms and hands are tired and the practice I used likes to rest in down dog, and my hips are sore and it asked for pigeon. In retrospect I could’ve chosen a different practice or just rolled my own for today, but sometimes familiarity is comforting. And now that I’m done I’m using my standing desk and hoping that my legs stay loose.

I’ve been noticing something cool lately: balance poses are much easier. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the balancing lifts I’ve been working on, like one-point rows and one-legged squats– and I love to hate on those. But I’ve never been very good at balance poses, and now I can easily manage Warrior 3 and Half Moon without falling over, so something must be going right. It’s really lovely to be able to concentrate on performing a full expression of the pose, rather than just worrying about falling.

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2 Responses to Finding balance

  1. maitriscraps says:

    Please post if/when you figure out which specific exercises are helping you with the balance poses, because I suck at those.

    • G says:

      I think one-point dumbbell rows (basically a bent-over row, but on one foot with the other leg in line with the back like Warrior 3) and one-legged squats help a fair bit, and split squats and one-legged lunges probably contribute too. Give them a try and let me know how they work for you! :)

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