Stuck inside

Snow day #2. I feel a little bit like I haven’t had sufficient social contact– I’m definitely an introvert, but a few days shut up in the house and I get fidgety. Tomorrow I’m definitely going back to the office, though, so it’ll be better soon. I am going to talk to EVERYONE.

Anyway, today’s activity consisted of large amounts of dancey game (I’m tackling a new tier of songs, and I need to let then marinate) and some push-ups, followed by some more yoga. My lifting week is wrecked, since I can do neither T/Th nor W/F, so I’m treating this week as an unplanned rest week and looking forward to getting back to it next week. Meanwhile, I’ll probably treadmill and lift lightly tomorrow. And burn off those extra fidgets that have me pacing like a caged animal.

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