I worked my way through workout A3 this morning. It felt good to get back to the weight room (especially so fresh and rested!) but it was challenging and slow and there was lots of talking myself into each set. On the plus side, though, my sets of pushups were– dare I say– almost easy? I mean, I definitely had to work at them, and by rep 8 I was tired, but they weren’t zomghard. So maybe I should drop the little platform altogether and do them on the floor. That should be fun…

On the not-plus side, I felt dizzy during my workout, especially the places where I would get up from lying/sitting. Maybe I was just standing up too fast but it was not a pleasant experience. And my hands/forearms get so tired, especially since I’m bumping up stepups to 30lb each hand and throwing farmers walk (50lb each hand) in too. My forearms are getting sort of bulky, but they have excellent definition? And hey, grip.

I totally forgot to stretch after my workout today. I guess I’ll have to take some time this evening in the short interlude between cleaning up after dinner and bedtime. I have a strict 10:30pm bedtime (although lately I just want to hibernate and go to bed early) and the time left in the evenings seems vanishingly short.

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4 Responses to Dizzy..?

  1. maitriscraps says:

    You could have a sinus or ear infection making you dizzy?

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I feel compelled to mention the p-word… but I’m sure you’ve already considered that.

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