Icy running

We were blessed with more obnoxious weather last night: an ice storm.  Train service got all bunged up because of trees down everywhere, so I opted to work at home. (The roads weren’t passable until around 10am anyway.)  However, this left me in the lurch for my 3 miler– no treadmill, and it was still icky outside.

But in the end I did brave the elements; the temperature rose to a whopping 36ºF in the afternoon– which feels like a heat wave these days– and everything started to thaw out.  The ice-coated trees were busy thawing out too, and they dropped ice and water on my head as I carefully picked my way across piles of pebbly ice on the sidewalk. It was a really slow run– I finished the 3 miles in 42 minutes– but I managed not to break my neck. Really, it was pleasant enough out; the skies were clear and the trees sparkled as they dripped.

And stomping through mud, kicking ice and splashing in puddles is a great stress reliever.

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One Response to Icy running

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Kicking things is good…

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