Tempo, tempo

Tempo runs are so great. They’re brilliant because they’re hard but not too hard, so you get a great feeling of running fast for a bit and pushing yourself. Today was a 30 minute tempo: 10 warmup, 10 work, 10 cruise. In the work phase I was going along at 10:00 pace, which is much faster than I usually go– it was tough but I managed. I suppose that’s what tempo runs are for, to help you realize that hard running for reasonably long periods won’t kill you…

After the run I decided to do some quickie lifting. I just don’t want to give it up! So I did not-too-heavy sets of bench press, rows, deadlift, and the assisted chinup/dip machine. It makes me sad that I’m probably going to lose some of the muscle I’ve worked hard to build up– running isn’t known for maintaining upper body muscle, alas.

I was chatting with one of the regulars today and she asked me if I’d ever hired a trainer or a nutritionist (nope). She asked how I decided what to work on, and I told her I read a lot; there’s all kinds of information out there. Then she asked me– how did I know if I was doing "the right thing"? And I replied that the only person who knows what’s really right for her body is her– pros can definitely help narrow things down, but everyone’s body is different and there’s no universal answer.

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