Swapping long runs

I swapped my 5 miler scheduled for tomorrow with my 3 miler scheduled for today, mostly because I figure 3 miles will be easier to run in the snow and today I had a treadmill handy. So, 5 miles. No stopping to walk either, so that was a new record. It took me a little bit over an hour, which was fun because after 60 minutes the treadmill decided it was time for me to cool down… "What? Why is it slowing down? I’m not done yet!"

My headphones decided this would be a good time to bite the dust, too. Argh! This is the second pair of this style I’ve used (the Phillips sport neckband ones). The first pair lasted a year before one ear died, and this pair only lasted 6 months. Anyone out there got any suggestions for durable headphones that are nice to run with? I just can’t with these short-lived $30 headphones.

After 2 miles my foot fell asleep; I was ranting about this to the Marathoner Lady that seems to be taking me under her wing and she said "Oh, that’s really bad" and recommended men’s shoes to get extra width in the toebox (apparently women’s wides just aren’t cutting it for me). I’ve worn men’s shoes in the past but I always had problems with the sizing; the ones I chose were wide enough but turned out to be too long. Maybe I should go back to Ye Olde Local Shoe Store and see if they’ll help.

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3 Responses to Swapping long runs

  1. Yurbuds are the way to go. About $30, cool colors and they don’t fall out. Perfect for running!

  2. My current running shoes are Asics Gel Kayana and they are great, no problems.

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