Short stories of a long run

Today was my 6 miler; I finished in 1:25.  I was hoping for a little faster time, but it went pretty well; however, I had a run in with a very upset small dog and wound up on my butt in a snow pile at one point.

I’ve been pretty lucky with other people’s dogs in my time as a runner; I’ve heard horror stories.  But today I was running along and there was an older man in front of me with a small longhaired dog (some Pekingese-like thing) and they were blocking the sidewalk.  The verges are thawing and very mushy and muddy so I called out “excuse me” and he stopped and I passed him on the sidewalk but his dog went crazy and lunged at me. Luckily I escaped unbitten.

The weather today was wonderful– nearly 60F and sunny. There are still large piles of snow to climb over, especially at intersections where plows cleared the road onto the sidewalk (so nice of them) but overall the sidewalks were mostly clear. The last half mile of my run, though, went past a large park and no one had bothered to shovel the sidewalks so it was a icy mess– plus there’s a great big hill there. I started picking my way up the hill and eventually said “screw this, I’m going to go run on the road shoulder”– but on my way to the road I sunk into a snow pile up to my thigh, and then the other leg too, and I fell down and just sort of sat there, legs akimbo and buried in snow.  Eventually I did manage to stand back up and get onto the shoulder.  Nothing helps your pace like sitting on your butt in a snow pile, right?

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3 Responses to Short stories of a long run

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I think you are officially allowed to deduct snow pile time.

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