Serious gear issues

Well, the good news is that I got out for my scheduled 3 mile run today. The wind is howling (20mph sustained, plus gusts?) and I was very much not excited to go, but I did. The way out the wind was at my back and I made good time. The way back… not so much.

My calves were still really sore from Saturday’s long run, but about halfway they loosened up and I could run without pain.  Honestly, I probably could’ve skipped my run today. But I’m stubborn. Hopefully tomorrow’s tempo run is okay and unplagued by sore muscles.

I’m having some problems with my running gear. Number one: my shoes. My left foot falls asleep– hard– about a mile into every run, and usually wakes up just before I stop running and feels very weird. (I have blogged about this before.) I need to stop putting off dealing with that.  Number two: sports bras. I’m running 5 days a week and I only have 3 bras, so some stinky recycling is necessary. Plus, they chafe my back on long runs.  Number three: I really need to get a better handle on how much clothing to wear in different kinds of weather. Today (40F, sunny, windy) I went out wearing tights, long pants, a t-shirt, a pullover and a fleece, and light wool socks and a headband.  In the sun, I was too hot. In the wind, I was cold. I’d rather be too cold than too hot; I can always run harder and warm myself up.


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3 Responses to Serious gear issues

  1. lozette says:

    I don’t know what kind of size you are, but I’m a 32FF and I have sports bras by Freya & Shock Absorber. I find them both excellent – really good support & no rubbing! Not sure if you can buy them where you are though – you’d probably have to order online if no physical stores carry them.

    It might be worth checking out sites like these for bra reviews:

    • G says:

      I wear a 36DDD/E right now (used to be FF, so I know the pain). I wore the Freya underwire sports bra before– loved it but it chafed awfully against my chest; I went through tubes and tubes of Body Glide. The Moving comfort one I’m wearing now is pretty good but it chafes on my back.
      I think I need to go down a band size.

      And yes, gotta love the trial-and-error method of online sports bra shopping…

  2. katyechols says:

    I had the same problem with my foot falling asleep (although mine was always around mile 2). I tried every lacing trick I could find – no dice! I finally went to talk to one of the guys at the running store, and he recommended rolling my foot out on a golf ball like you would with a foam roller on your legs. It worked! I was doing it everyday for a while, and now I hardly need it at all. Good luck!

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