5k test run

I’m at the halfway point in my 5k training regimen, so today was a “test race” day.  I didn’t have a proper race to use for this purpose, so I went out today with the intention to run just as hard as I would in the actual race.

My route choices were ‘boring and lots of road crossings’, ‘steep hills’, and ‘very long hills’.  I chose ‘very long hills’, which I suppose was good because the first half of the run was 90% uphill– which meant the first part sucked but the way back was a cruise!

I finished 5k in 39:40, which was just about my race time from last year so I have a month to improve on that.  The very last bit was a steep uphill that always gives me grief; by that point I was anaerobic and gasping but I managed to finish strong.  I think I overdressed, though; my bottom half was fine in tights and shorts but my long-sleeved base layer and heavy fleece jacket was too much for 41°F and sunny. I felt soggy. (Someday I will figure out what to wear.)

I pass a speed camera along the way and I always joke to myself, “Uh oh, better slow down or I’m gonna get my picture taken!” Never mind that the speed limit there is 30mph…


About G

I'm running while fat. And learning other fun ways to honor my body.
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