Much better!

Yesterday’s snowstorm stranded me indoors, although it gave me time to make some progress in my dancey game. Today I’m back at work and going to the gym felt like a wonderful luxury.

I decided to give my Local Running Store another chance (not that I had a whole lot of options, other than experimentation) and on Sunday I went to ask them for help finding a new pair of shoes. This visit was nothing like my last! They were fantastic and totally restored my faith in the store.

I explained the problem with my foot going numb, and the salesperson measured my feet again, watched me run on the treadmill, and brought me all their wide neutral shoes, but none of them worked– they were all too narrow. He called over another salesperson for a second opinion, who had me stand in my old shoes. She took one look and exclaimed, "Your feet are hanging off the sides of the platform! Let’s try some men’s shoes, since we don’t have any women’s 2Es in." And that turned out to be the best solution. I wound up with a pair of Mizuno Waverider 16s (in this GORGEOUS dark blue, I am in love with them). While I was there I picked up a new sports bra too. So I am good to go on new kit.

I tested the shoes with 7x400m intervals on the treadmill this morning. They felt really good, and my feet stayed fully awake and happy. I finished up 4 miles of intervals with warmup and cooldown in 47 minutes.

After Saturday’s 5k my nose ran until Monday evening– it just ran and ran; I was miserable. I went through a whole box of tissues and made a significant dent in my Sudafed stash. It had finally eased up, but this morning’s run has me sniffly and sneezy again. Frustrating!

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2 Responses to Much better!

  1. I am tiny but have super wide feet — I never would have thought of trying men’s shoes!

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