Zombies, Ran!

Yet another 3 miles on the treadmill today. It was a good, solid run, and I finished in 38 minutes. I get tomorrow for rest, and then Friday is 4 miles fast and Saturday is 6 miles. (The weather’s supposed to be nice too!)

My new shoes are still working out okay, though I have a hot spot/blister on my right foot and big toe, at the edge of the sole. I tried lacing them more snugly but it didn’t do much to help. I might have to swap over to wool socks from my normal light wicking socks and see if that makes a difference. It probably just needs to callus over.

I’ve reached the very last mission of Zombies, Run! I’m looking forward to hearing how the story ends. I really liked it– it made an interesting, exciting diversion on what would otherwise be monotonous runs– and I might play through again. I haven’t run all the sidequests or race missions, though– maybe I should do those first. (I’d need to buy the sidequests pack.)

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