Rest day, happy day

I’m doing a happy dance today because I’m not running! I mean, I do love running, but it’s nice to have a day off too. I decided to lift and do some yoga. For the lifting, I stuck with strictly upper body stuff– no deadlifts, no squats, nothing to stress my hips or legs. So 2 sets of overhead press, bent-over rows, skull crushers, bench press, front/side delt raises, and pec flys. For the yoga part, I stuck to sun salutations/warrior series, and finished up with some nice twists for my back and my now-favorite thread the needle (ahhh, hips!)

So many moons ago I mentioned being excited to read Honey, Do You Need A Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner by Jennifer Graham and promised you all a review. I finally got around to reading it– in fact I devoured it! It was a quick and enjoyable read, for the most part. Her internal conversations with her “ghost coaches” cracked me up, too (I might have to read some runners’ memoirs and steal this idea!) And it was exciting to read about her persistence and her running accomplishments.

However, it quickly became clear to me that Ms Graham and I do not necessarily share life philosophies. Her fat body wasn’t neutral, but the product of moral failings, something that needed to be controlled and changed. The constant self-deprecation really wore on me after a while, and at one point I actually had to set the book down and walk away for a couple days because it was making me feel awful about myself too. (Not to mention the fact that all this self-hate was coming from a woman who was significantly smaller than me. I mean, I’m not going to define at what weight “fat” begins, but that stung.) While it celebrated the slow but persistent “chunky runner”, it definitely was not size-positive. I’ll call it a “qualified recommend”; you might enjoy it, but be cautious if this sort of thing triggers you.

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