Running on empty

Well, I’ve learned an important lesson today: if I’m going out for a long run, I need to make sure I’m prepared with gas in the tank to go.  Today’s 6-miler started off okay, with lovely warm weather, but about 45 minutes in I just sort of… pooped out.  I really struggled through the rest of the run.  I finished the 6 miles in 1:21– mostly I’m just happy I managed to get myself home.

This isn’t any fun, my head is fuzzy.  Maybe I can catch a nap before we’re supposed to go out for dinner this evening…

(Oh, I almost forgot! When I was out I wound up running into a group of people doing a 50k on the trail that goes sort of diagonally across my road route. I ran by when some runners were crossing onto the sidewalk and one of the race guides thought I was racing too.  I was like “No I’m not in this race I’m just running by!” and he said, “Oh! Still, good pace! Keep going!” and I laughed.)

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