Deceptively spring-y

Wow! It’s warm out today.  Somehow it made it up to 60ºF.  I think my blood has thickened over the course of this long, cold winter; I have to say that I wasn’t really that happy with the temperature when I went out for my run today. (Of course, I didn’t need to be wearing that pullover either…) I ought to soak it up while it’s here though– it’ll be getting cold again later this week, and then I’ll be complaining about that I bet.

Anyway, today’s schedule called for Yet Another 3 Miles. I had to spend too long talking myself into it.  “It’s only 40 minutes or so, you’ll be done before you know it, just go.”  Eventually I made it out the door, and out and back was only 38:18 so I beat my estimate. (Not bad time either, especially given that I chose the Steep Hills way.) It wasn’t super fun, and I was doing everything I could to distract myself including maybe something like dissociating? I certainly wasn’t “in the moment”…

I found a very inexpensive headphones solution– in fact, it didn’t cost me a thing. It turns out that what I liked best about my fancy around-the-head headphones was the little clip to keep the cord out of the way.  That clip snaps off the broken ones and onto another pair of headphones I didn’t like because the cord flops all over, and keeps the cord in place. Problem solved! Hopefully the clip never breaks and I can keep sticking it on cheap headphones.

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