Tempo allegro

Longest tempo run of the training plan today: 40 minutes. I broke this one down into 12 minutes warmup, 18 minutes work, 10 minutes cruise. During the warmup phase I was like "ohh nooo this is going to suck" and then at first during the work phase I was like "I can do this, this is okay" and then later I was like "oh jeez this is awful" and then in the cruise phase I was like "c’mon dangit almost done don’t poop out now" and then when I was done I felt accomplished. I pulled a pretty good pace, and fit 3.6 treadmill miles into that 40 minutes. (I’m starting to feel a little faster? Maybe?)

I’ve been fairly happy with how well my legs are holding up during this fairly intense running schedule. Aside from some new blisters, I’ve been mostly free of soreness, even after longer runs. I think I need to credit all the lifting I’ve done in the past 6 months– my legs are strong and ready to take on whatever I throw at them, even if my cardiovascular system isn’t. :)

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