Totally over running

Okay, I did it. Today was the 5 miler and I did it, I stayed on that dang treadmill for just over an hour, which was enough for a good chunk of the Colbert Report, all of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and a bit of South Park. (The TV in the cardio room had Comedy Central on and I didn’t feel like changing it.) None of it really amused me, unfortunately– I was hoping for a distraction but it didn’t work that well.

But I kind of hurt today. I should’ve known– my hips are sore from the yoga yesterday and my knees aren’t very happy at the moment either. I’m pretty grumpy about it all; I have 7 miles tomorrow and I’m worried and I don’t want to go out there and tear myself up trying to finish it. And the weather’s supposed to be nice tomorrow and cruddy Sunday and so I just want to get it off my plate. But ugh. I am definitely at that stage in my training where it’s not fun anymore and I’m like "can’t I just race now okay?" I only have a couple weeks left of it…

And to make matters worse everyone’s been talking to me about things that aren’t running. Lifting. Kettlebell class. Hiking. All this fun stuff that I can’t do because I don’t want sore legs. Yep, I’m over running.

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6 Responses to Totally over running

  1. Great job with the 5 miler!!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    For me treadmilling is unbearably tedious, compared to running outside. So I’m sure I would feel the same way, and even Stephen Colbert couldn’t distract me. When I run outside I don’t need distraction. I can fully wallow in my misery :-D
    So good for you, you’re one day closer to your race.

    • G says:

      I’m not a big treadmill fan either, but the weather has been so preposterous this winter that I’ve just had to suck it up and hamster wheel away. It’s not so bad for the 3 milers, and it actually works out really well for the interval/tempo runs because it keeps my pace on track, but for the longer runs it is BO-RING.

  3. maitriscraps says:

    You’re doing so great! I’m way behind you, I can barely do 3 miles, but you’re my inspiration to keep going.

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