Today’s workout was 8x400m intervals. I ran them 1 on, 1 off, so that made 4 miles of intervals, plus a cooldown. But it went really well– I finished it all up in 46 minutes, and set a new PR for fastest treadmill 5k (33:06, not that it really counts for much, heh). My work intervals were fast and I pushed my rest intervals a bit faster too. I’m finally feeling like this training is paying off. Last year I used the same program but I wasn’t in the same place; I spent a lot of time being sore and sort of dragging myself through it. This year I feel strong and I can really work on getting faster.

This run also put me past the milestone of 1,000 miles tracked on the Nike+ website. That’s pretty cool! In a couple more years I might reach the west coast :)

In unhappier news, yes it’s official: that sports bra has given up the ghost. If this one is dead, then I have 2 more that are probably clinging to life support, just waiting for the perfect moment to stop doing their job. It’s probably time to get a couple more new ones…

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