Training plan extension

Yet another 3 mile run this morning. I ran it progression-style, starting moderately and ramping up the speed as I went, and finished in 35:30. I was actually happy for the treadmill today, since it’s pouring down rain outside.

The organizers of the race I’m running were dissatisfied with the number of people who signed up, and they decided to push the date of the race back 2 weeks and hope that they’d get more participants. So now the race is a full 3 weeks after when I projected it initially, and I run out of training plan soon. I need to find a way to bridge those weeks.

Part of me feels like I could just repeat the peak week (this week) until it’s time to taper. This would be a good chance to continue to build my mileage, and maybe I could even extend one of those long 7 milers to 8.

But I also feel like another 3 weeks of 22 miles/week is just a lot. I’m starting to notice twinges that could blow up into overuse injuries– and you know how that goes, when the race is a week away you just say "okay I’m going to run through this and then I can rest" but when the race is a month away, well, that changes the calculus.

I have zero experience with this kind of thing, and I’m kind of at a loss. Do any of you runners out there have any helpful advice to share? I want to maintain the work I’ve done, and maybe fit a little more in, without overdoing it.

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3 Responses to Training plan extension

  1. maitriscraps says:

    What I’ve read is that you’re supposed to not do any running the week before a race. I’ve not raced yet, so I can’t confirm whether it’s helpful or not. So that would save you a week. Otherwise I’d say just repeat the last 2 weeks of your running plan, then take the last week off.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I’m just impressed you’re able to “ramp up the speed” as you go. After about, I dunno, a hundred yards? just to keep moving at all is my top speed.

    Given my inexperience with training plans, take it for what its worth, but my instinct is to say maintain a moderate schedule while filling in time – take it down a notch from the peak week, with maybe one fast/long run a week before. Heed the warning of the twinges.

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