Since today is my rest day, I set up yoga camp in the big room at the gym. I blissfully down dog’d and enjoyed the quiet. J and my other gym buddy came in too; we were all doing our stretches and yoga. This is pretty typical; that space goes unused at a few points during the day so people tend to use it for a quiet spot.

About 20 minutes in, though, a group of women came in and made a big racket and put music on and started setting up for something. There’s no class at this time, so I was confused– and angry, since if I knew my yoga was going to be interrupted I’d have come at a different time. (There isn’t any other quiet space! It’s a tiny gym.) And then one of the gym staff came in and it turns out they’d bought a group class and there was much yelling and jumping around and I just left.

I was really, really angry. I thought about yelling, and about crying, and I settled on just going and lifting heavy things until I felt better. That worked well enough (although I’m still pretty mad).

It’s not that I felt like I had a right to the space, but it would’ve been SUPER if one of the staff had come in like 5 minutes earlier and told us, "Listen, we’ll be having a class in here shortly, so please finish up or find a new place." Instead they just kicked us out with noise. Rude! I really should send the staff a message…

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