5k Test #2

Well, this morning the skies opened and the rain poured down. (Didn’t I jinx it?) But I have an absurdly busy day today and the rest of the weekend too, so I have no time to put it off and went out to run my second 5k text in the drizzle. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold– the rain was bearable since it was a warm 55°F.

The run went really well, actually. My legs were well-rested and I had plenty of energy and I finished the 5k in just under 38 minutes, shaving about 1:30 off my previous test time. There was a big, steep hill at the end of it though– the last 0.1 miles took me almost 1:30 to get through, which was a little depressing…

Now I get to go shoe shopping with my tired feet.

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